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Radio Frequency Non-contact
Sensing and Localization
Dr. Changzhi Li, Associate Professor
Texas Tech University, Texas, USA
Wireless sensors with embedded control and communication links have the potential to
improve the quality of service in healthcare, infrastructure maintenance, and energy
conservation. This presentation provides an overview of our research activities on smart
radio frequency (RF) sensors aided with advanced technologies such as beamforming,
inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR), and flexible electronics. The scope of applications
extends to sleep study, fall detection, indoor localization, and civil engineering.
Specifically, our recent efforts on smart house, cancer treatment, and structure
monitoring will be discussed. In structural health monitoring, our RF sensors advance
infrastructure maintenance by remotely monitoring structural vibrations and movements,
as aging infrastructure remains a national concern with widespread impacts on the
quality of our daily lives.
Changzhi Li received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Zhejiang University,
China, in 2004, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of
Florida, Gainesville, FL, in 2009. His research interests include biomedical applications of
microwave technology, wireless sensors, and RF/analog circuits. Dr. Li is an Associate
Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I and an Associate Editor for the
IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology. He was as
an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II in 2014 and 2015,
and served as the TPC co-chair for the IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology
Conference (WAMICON) in 2012 and 2013. He received the IEEE Sensors Council Early
Career Technical Achievement Award, the Texas Tech Chancellor’s Council Distinguished
Research Award, the ASEE Frederick Emmons Terman Award, the IEEE-HKN Outstanding
Young Professional Award, and the NSF Faculty Early CAREER Award. Dr. Li has published
200 papers, 5 book chapters, 2 books, and holds 6 US patents. He received nine best
conference/student paper awards as author/advisor in IEEE-sponsored conferences.
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